Sometimes I see photographers on Facebook appearing to boast about how busy they are because they have so many wedding to edit or so many emails to answer.

In my opinion you should not highlight how disorganised you are but then again that might play into my favour.

At the end of photographing your wedding your photographer should be able to tell you how long it will be until your images will be ready for viewing and it really should be no longer than 10-14 days.

The higher the skill level of the photographer then the quicker the turnaround should be.

In my Weddings by the Hour Packages I can turn images around in 24 hours as I only have to edit an hour or two’s worth of images.

Your wedding is the biggest story of your lives and in my opinion that story should be shared with those who couldn’t attend for one reason or another with my professional images rather than the fast food diet of Facebook images.

I knew of one wedding photographer (who thankfully isn’t a wedding photographer anymore) who kept his couples waiting for months and months before delivering anything. His thinking was he knew his images were crap, so he would keep them waiting and waiting until they would be willing to accept anything.

So the key take aways from this are:

You want to look for a photographer who can turn professional images around quickly.
You don’t want to wait months for your images.
Ask the photographer up front how long it takes them on average to turn images around for a wedding client and then write it down in front of them.
A small taster on Facebook followed by a long wait for the rest of your images is not fair in my opinion.