When you begin to plan your wedding day it is more than likely going to be the biggest ceremony that you will be playing a starring role in during your lifetime.

Planning for such an event requires the best heads to come together to make it a success.

One of those heads in my opinion should be an Experienced Wedding Photographer.

They can offer you so much more advice as they are the only person who will be with you throughout the entire day. When you think about it the florist will deliver your flowers and then go and dress the Church and Wedding Venue. The clergy/registrar will conduct the ceremony and that’s them finished. The drivers will transport you to the different locations and the events manager will greet you at your wedding reception venue but the photographer will be with you all the way through so they are the best placed to advise you on the running order of the day and can show you where to save time.

With the helicopter image in this blog post there was a lot of planning had to be done as I had to have the Bride (who did not know anything about the helicopter) and Groom (who did) come out of the front door of the wedding ceremony venue at exactly the right time to coincide with the helicopter pilot who was going to arrive at a predetermined time. It worked and the look on the bride’s face was priceless.

There are photographers out there who don’t share my views on this and seem to have an ‘It’s not my job’ attitude but the reason that I do this is, if your wedding day is running to a well organised and agreed plan then you are naturally going to be a lot more relaxed which will result in far more relaxed photography. It’s quite simply cause & effect coming into play.

The key take aways from this are:

Preparation is key to a relaxed day.
A photographer who is unwilling to freely lend you their experience when you are preparing and planning for your big day is someone who may give you trouble on the most important day of your life.
Invest in an Experienced Professional Wedding Photographer as they have so much more to offer than meets the eye.